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Cotton Farms Articles

Water, water everywhere sows hope on farms

HELEN McLENNAN was expecting her mail to arrive by State Emergency Service boat and a cousin's jetski at her flooded beef cattle property 300 kilometres north-west of Brisbane yesterday, while the nearby Peek-A-Doo school's five pupils were unable to attend, their road to education turned to mud.

Gwydir wetlands property to become a national park

BRUCE SOUTHERON made his point as soon as the Environment Minister, Frank Sartor, stepped out of the helicopter on his western NSW property.

Cotton Sucking Life Out Of Murray

AFTER years of claims and counter-claims, new figures show cotton became the thirstiest crop in the whole Murray-Darling Basin two years ago, guzzling 20 per cent of all the water used for agriculture in region.

We Must End Sex Slavery

FOR many, slavery conjures up romantic images of black men singing on the cotton farms of America's deep south.

Africans Thread Their Way Through Us Cotton Cynicism

West and central Africa is just about the poorest area on earth. Until recently, one of the few routes out of poverty was to grow cotton.